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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 6, 2009 6:00pm-6:55pm EDT

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being solved. >> i'm often concerned. we hear from the korean community that we don't care as much. i say to the korean-american community, we do care. >> reporter: she was remember as a business woman and civic leader. >> we'll be very, very pleased when there is a conviction and a sentence on this particular horrific crime. >> all i can say, thank you. they found that the person who did such terrible things. i hope she can be at peace. >> reporter: police are saying the suspect currently lives in ohio but at some point did live in virginia. he is expected to be extradited hear to face the murder charge. police are saying they believe more than one person may have been involve. additional arrests could happen in this case. news 4, back to you. >> thank you. the trial of a montgomery county father accused of
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drowning his three young children in a bads tub is underway in baltimore. police say mark castillo confessed to killing his children in an inner harbor hotel. his trial had been postponed several times. the calm interior of a day spa was shattered today for some of the clients when a car smashed through the front door. it happen at this salon on arlington road in bethesda. a woman was standing behind the downer when a toyota camry crashed through the front door of the business. police say the car traveled through a crowded parking lot and across a busy sidewalk and knock down a concrete barrier on the way. >> we heard the crash and the squeaking noise from the wheels, i guess. then another crash which was the breaking of the window. >> reporter: the salon receptionist escaped with nonlife threatening injuries.
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the man standing nearby was injured. the driver of the car was an elderly woman who was seriously hurt. she suffered trauma to her face and her arm. police tell news4 that the woman hit by a metro bus last night in washington has dated. it happened when 61-year-old stephanie richardson got off a bus. that's when another bus went around the one that dropped her off and hit her. the driver is on routine administrative leave. there were some tense moments for metro passengers when a fair on the tracks pulled the with tunnel with smoke. it happened on the re line. metro says a train was leaving gallery place for metro center when a peace of equipment on the train came loose. that caused a fire under one of the cars. metro center had to be evacuated. it made for some very tense moments. >> all of a sudden, there was a
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loud bump. at first people were annoyed. it was an inconvenience. but then we saw smoke. somebody called out. >> nobody was injured. coming up, president obama that the u.s. is crushing al qaeda. >> we'll tell you why the dalai lama is not meeting with president obama. you may need heating tomorrow. >> the redskins going outside. they've hair an offensive consultant. brett favre shows he still has game. plus the capitals' new star playing.
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the u.s. is making progress against al qaeda throughout the world. that's the word from president obama. he made the case that afghanistan is not the only battle ground in the war on terror and might not need a big influx of troops. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: at dover air force
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base, the remain of the eight u.s. soldiers killed sunday in the big taliban ambush were returned home. a reminder of the human cost to america. of the war in afghanistan. but if the national counter terrorism center today, in an update on the war on terror, president obama did not mention afghanistan or the taliban. focusing instead on the fight against al qaeda worldwide. >> because of our efforts, al qaeda and its allies have not only lost operational capacity, they've lost legitimacy and credibility. >> reporter: so should the commander in chief say yes or no? to the u.s.-afghan commanding general stand, mcchrystal who is requesting 40,000 more u.s. forces. one war hear over democratic senator says no. >> there are fewer than 100 al qaeda people in afghanistan. we're clearly schiffing toward nation building. >> reporter: in afghanistan, al qaeda and the taliban are one
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enemy, says a war hero republican senator. >> i don't think it is a proper reading that both history and the situation to somehow think that al qaeda will not quickly emerge in afghanistan if it falls to the taliban. >> reporter: is it one fight or two? do we have to crush the taliban to keep america safe? that was a 63 question as president obama met with john mccain and top republicans and with democratic lawmakers today at the white house to get advice on afghanistan. a hint from a top aide here suggests how the president might be leaning. most of those who attack us on 9/11, the aides said today, have moved out of afghanistan. news4 at the white house. >> it is sfektd president could take several more weeks to decide but he continues to insist that withdrawal is not an option. army general david petraeus is in charge of the wars in afghanistan and iraq.
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today we found out that he underwent treatment for prostate cancer earlier thissier. petraeus is head of u.s. central command and oversees all u.s. forces in the middle east. according to a statement released by his office, he is dig notesed with prostate cancer in february. the general received radiation treatment for two months. at the time, general petraeus was spending several days a week in washiton for policy reviews. then the treatment was successful and had a minimal ill pack on his schedule. the police in turkey used tear gas to break up protests against the meeting of the world bank. they were meeting in istanbul. several hundred protestors go as close as they could. they shattered window of banks nearby and fast food restaurants. 100 people were detained. police say they were throwing gasoline bombs. the protests were organized by
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several turkish trade unions. the delegates are said to be talking about ways to be more inclusive as regards developing countries. police in uganda have arrested one of the key suspect in the rwandan genocide. he was the deputy intelligence chief 15 years ago. he had been on the run since then. he is accused of helping to orchestrate the slaughter of 500,000. he made lists and sent troops to kill them. officials say they captured him last week. he is facing genocide charges in international criminal court. today authorities in switzerland refused to allow roman polanski to come oufrt jail. he fled the u.s. in 1977 after he pleaded guilty to having second with a 13-year-old girl. he was arrest ten days ago when he arrived in zurich to receive an wear at a film festival. he is fating extradition to the
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u.s. polanski had hoped to be released on bail or put under house arrest at his swiss vacation marshal eight. but authorities were concern that he was a flight risk and they refused to release him. that decision is expected later this week. wall street stocks rallied again today. investor were encouraged in part by spines corporate profits will have a good showing. the dow gain 131 points by the closing bell. that's the biggest one-day gain since august. the nasdaq ended with a 35-point game. the new york stock exchange is up 104. analysts say they expect to it cost a bit less to heat home this win. the energy information administration says cheaper fall and milder weather will lead to an average savings of about $960 per house hole.
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per household. coming up, a case of the distribution of videos. bob will have t
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st. vincent palotti school is closed tomorrow because of the swine flu there. >> reporter: 500 students at the high school will have the day off tomorrow. the principal made the call because he wants if entire school to be scrubbed down and san identifiesed.
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the catholic high school has had order 100 students out of school and five diagnosed cases of h1n1 or swine flu. about a fifth of the student body, in other words, has been out of school. the principal decided a top to bottom cleaning was the way to go. >> i wanted to get ahead of the me and assure the parents that we're going to get it as clean as possible. so the cleaning crew could do a real thorough job without any interruption. and thenfter that on a daily basis, to stay very proactive. >> reporter: the principal pointed out that many of the students may have seasonal flu but doctors aren't testing for it. so out of an abundance of caution, he decided the way to go was to close the entire school and scrub it down and then just keech it sanitized. we talked to parents who that they think it is a great idea. they don't want this virus
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spreading any more than it already has. again, 500 students hear at saint vincent palotti high school will have the day off tomorrow. as the entire school is scrubbed down. >> reporting from laurel. thank you. that's not the only school in our area that will be forced to make a decision like that. >> and more as we go forward. >> maybe they can use some snow days. >> maybe the wind will carry it out to sea. >> bring the pets in. don't leave them outside. they may end up in the non's yard. they got these great shots. we made it to just about our average. the average high is 72. look at the seasons. right now we've got a lot of
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clouds but no sprinkles no, rain showers. the current temperature, 69. a south earl wind will be changing a lot tomorrow as we get into the afternoon. here's why. look at the temperatures early this morning, up to our north end of the 40s. we are 69 degrees. but it is still in the 40s around the lakes. that's where an area of storminess, you can satisfy how fast thing are going. that will be racing to our north in the next 24 hours. as it mavs past with the circulation around it, very strong winds. there are wind advisories from chicago, on into pittsburgh and parts of pennsylvania. there may be some that will be posted later on tonight for us. rate now on radar, there is nothing going on hear. you can see there have been a few sprinkles that have trade to get going. the rain area of rain showers have been in kentucky, tennessee, some moderate rain showers around knoxville. that batch will be staying to the south. the other batch around grand
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rapids is associated with that area of storminess that is producing winds 40, 50 miles an hour. look at independence, iowa. they've had wind gusts earlier today to 60 miles an hour. even though they did not get much rain. even right now, the wind are from the west at 26 miles an hour. madison, wisconsin, a quarter of an inch of rain. this is at the atmospheric science department. the temperature is 52 degrees. you can see the colder air. that wave will be moving to the north. you can see the trailing cold front that will be coming through here early in the morning. any showers will be out of there. it will be bringing very strong wins, especially for you folk in
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the higher elevations of frederick county. winds could be 30, 40 miles an hour. in the atlantic, a brief tropical storm has formed that years ago, probably wouldn't have even been noticed before the advent of sat late. it is call henry. 600 miles east of the leeward islands. if you hear about it, don't worry. it is october. they may last only a couple of hours. overnature for us, we'll be seeing temperature into the 60s and then tomorrow morning, when you get up and head out, temperature tomorrow morning will be around 60 degrees. any of the rain showers are lakely to occur from about 5:00 to 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. after that, skaz begin clearing. so me morning to noon time we'll be seeing some sunshine. but boy, those winds will be increasing and the win tomorrow afternoon, 20, maybe as hey as 30, 35 miles an hour. especially you folks to the north. as we get into tomorrow evening, skies will be clearing. it will be a cool night with
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diminishing winds. tlz in the low to mid 60s. and after that, more sunshine. a little batch of showers on friday. the weekend, i'll show you that in detail. the weekend looks great with a lot of sunshine and much better than it looked yesterday. who know to everything tomorrow. >> thank you. coming up, the u.s. supreme court trying to de side whether a ban on graphic video of animal cruelty is constitutional. same sex couples could soon be automobile to get married in the district. councilmember marion barry in the hospital.
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we take a look at the stories making headlines this evening. >> classes canceled at st. vincent palotti tomorrow because of concerns about the swine flu. the principal of that school is reporting five could nnfirmed c. as well as the seasonal flu.
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>> michelle rhee is speaking out for the first time about last week's controversial firing about more than 200 city school teachers. the layoff sparktd protests from educators and students. rhee said she trade to make sure it would disrupt the program as little as possible. the car smashed through the front of a beauty salon in bethesda this afternoon. it happened on arlington road. the driver of that car suffered serious injuries. coming up in this half-hour of news4, a new report focusing on ten types of food that make peel sick. we'll have that report. d.c. councilmember marion barry is in the hospital. and we'll tell but a controversial plan to put mcdonald's in one of the most revered art museums in the world. the supreme court hear arguments involving dog fighting and free speech. the court is trying to de side whether it is constitutional to ban videos showing animal cruelty.
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>> as a new session of the preme court gets underwearing justices are dealing with an age-old issue. free speech. the obama administration is asking the court to reinstate a 10-year-old law that bans the production and sale of dog fighting and another depictions of animal cruelty. robert stevens was sentenced to three years in prison for graphic videos he made about pit bull fights. his lawyers point out that's 14 months longer than michael vick's sentence for running a dog fighting ring. a federal appeals court struck down the law and invalidated stevens' conviction. >> the problem in this case was that congress cho to attack speech and control what this country could see and hear before it was seriously punishing the conduct issue. >> reporter: the gov arresting pews individual grow showing animal cruelty should be treat like child pornography, outside of any protection. >> there is nothing exclusive
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about it. it had a no, sir cultural value. >> reporter: however, a handful of publishing groups find themselves on the uneasy side of supporting stevens out of saying the law is so broad, could it hamper their ability to report on animal issues. during the hearing, he asked, why not do a simpler thing? ask do know write a statute that actually aims at the frightful thing they were trying to prohibit. there is no timetable for when the court may rule on the matter. jay gray, nbc news. >> the new session of the high court will deal with other tricky issues, including whether local governments can ill pose gun bans. the court's decision to strike down gun bans has helped open the door to challenges and other jurisdiction. same sex couple in the district would be allowed to marry under the bill introduced
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today. the proposed measure has both strong support and considerable opposition and congress could get involve. >> reporter: some say has the human rights issue. opponents say this battle is far from over. >> ten of 13 members support the bill but getting it passed in the city is only half the battle. opponents aren't giving up. >> it is quiet outrage. people don't want to come across that they are anti-social or not nice or whatever. but there is a lot of concern. a lot of people saying they do not want same sex marriage. >> reporter: opponents are tloek encourage congress to block the bill or require a referendum on it when the bill had its manner to 30-day review board capitol hill. the d.c. congress person, the lead city sponsor, said he is
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confident they won't interfere and there is little sign. >> we're going to do our best to preserve this. >> there are a whole host of ways in which those who are opposed to it can create that mischief. it is our job to try to play defense. >> she recently went to iowa to marry her partner. she said congress should stay out of the irish you. of course there is a wide variety. we think congress has more to do. >> reporter: she said it is a basing human right increasely common in countries. >> we would be sporing it. there are ten members gay and straight that support this. this is about the next evolution toward human rights in the district of columbia. >> reporter: opponents could not ten gay marriage would disrupt family institutions. earlier this year the city passed the bill recognizing same
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sex marriages performed if. >> other states. they said it is time for d.c. to have those marriages hear. >> a public hearing will be health on the gay marriage equality bill. and a new likely would be sent to congress before the christmas recess. >> a long way to go on this one. >> thank you. one councilmember missed the vote on the gay marriage vote. councilman marion barry drove himself to the hospital last night after he started feeling ill. after undergoing tests, he was admitted to the hospital. his doctors say he is weak and dehydrated and he has a mild infection. he had a kidney transplant last february will his press aide said this kind of illness is not uncommon among transplant patient and he is in good spirit. >> this has nothing to do with kidney rejection. he has been very vocal in saying th he hasn't felt this good in over ten years.
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and again, thing like this happen. >> barry is expect to be hospitalized for the next few days. the voters in virginia will go to the poll in four week to choose a new governor. today two men campaigning in loudon county. the audience for the candidates was a business crowd. the first question, how to get more money for transportation. the public that any kind of tax hike is out of the question. democrat that if elected, ael convene a bipartisan commission. and if the group agrees on the tax increase, he'll support it. >> let me address tissue of taxes. yerg i will sign a bill that is the product of bipartisan compromise that provides a comprehensive solution to transportation. and i'll bull bipartisan consensus to fine that new revenue. >> everywhere i go, people tell me that the worst thing that you
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can do, particularly in a down economy, is to levy new taxes on the citizens. so that's why i've craft a plan that involves a significant amount of new money that does not raise taxes. it is setting new priorities. using public private partnerships, its bonds. >> the candidates are busy finalizing rallies and fund-raisers with big name supporters. on thursday, vice president biden will go to northern virginia. later this month, senator john mccain will head to hampton roads with box mcdonald. the dalai lama was honored today on capitol hill. he received the first annual prize. it was name after tom lantos of california. a holocaust survivor and a long time champion of human rights. the exileibetan spiritual leader was overshadowed by the fact that he did not meet with president obama. the president is set to meet with the chinese president next
6:32 pm
month. the meeting could affect president obama's visit because china views the dalai lama as a separatist. the envoy that he anticipates a meeting with president obama at the appropriate time. coming up, we'll have the new research on which foods are likely to make people sick. some people are upset over plan to put a mcdonald's near one of the most famous museums. ññññ
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you can see the area of rain stretches along the weather front. i think later on tonight, we'll be seeing some rain showers come through our area. this coming week, a great weekend to go out and see the sights. not too far away now. this is a great picture from our friend yesterday. you can see how much color is out there in the mountains of west virginia. it will become windy tomorrow morning and there will be some very early morning sprinkles and showers. the main thing will be some sunshine. it will be cool with temperature in the 60s. it could be some lingering showers, southern maryland toward annapolis.
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after that, sunshine back. but windy sunshine tomorrow. light winds on thursday. late friday, friday night. there could be another littl batch of fast-moving showers. but rate now, i think the weekend looks much better. saturday and sunday, into the, with a lot of sunshine. a little cooler on sun. mornings now, we're heading toward the mornings in the 40s near 50. >> watching too much tv is not a good thing for your child. tonight, liz crenshaw shows us it could be physically dangerous. >> this is a tough story to watchful for anyone who owns a tv, a bookcase, a chet of drawers. since that is almost everyone, you ought to know what they can do to a child in just a matter of moments. >> my message -- i'm sorry. >> reporter: she still struggles to deliver the message about
6:37 pm
what happened to her 2-year-old daughter. it was 5:00 in the morning, and this video simulates how a tragedy occurred. she was critically injured. what happened to her has hurt thousands of young children. some have even died. few parents know about it. you can see my report. it is call have the have the tipovers on news4 at 11:00. >> thank you. three scientists with american citizenship w the nobel prize today. the royal academy announced the winners. they are charles, willard boyle and george smith themselves won for creating the technology behind digital photography. the $want.4 million prize will be split among the three. coming soon to the louvre, you will be able to feast on a big mac. they're opening a mcdonald's in
6:38 pm
the food court under the glass pyramid. you might imagine that news triggered outrage in paris. one employ yeah at the louvre said it was bad enough when they opened a starbucks there last year. but mcdonald's, they said, is the last straw. a french newspaper that, the mona lisa will soon be able to dig into a big mac. they snide about a mona lisa extra value menu. the french art critics said they may open a low cost clothing store. now there's more. french people love mcdonald's. outside the u.s., there are more mcdonald' in france than anywhere in the world. and the mucky d's make more money than any other mcdonald's outlet in the entire world. >> i would not have guessed that. that's shocking. >> i would be suprised if the
6:39 pm
mcdonald's at the louvre would do good business. >> but probably not from americans. >> maybe not. coming up, he is credited with saving the lives of more than 150 people when he thanned the plane in the hudson river. now he is battleground honored for another reason. the redskins making a very interesting move. a surprise edition to the coaching staff.
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so the coach decided he
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needed some help? >> here's the key elf decided he didn't need some help. hey, coach, maybe this would be a good idea, and they're saying, the coach said, if we find the right guy, maybe it will work. >> it's a move that some say smacks of desperation for the redskins. with the offense struggling, the organization has decided to bring in sherman smith as an offensive consultant. sherman lewis, rather. sherman lewis has been out of the game for five years but he is considered an expert. it is an unconventional move that the former skins manager call the kiss of death for head coach jim zorn. lewis is probably best known for being the green bay packers offensive coordinator and they're hated. that was 92 to 99. redskins executive that in the conference call, he proposed the idea of bringing lewis in to head coach jim zorn, and zorn on board. the redskins, by the way, taking on the 0-3 carolina panthers. another winless team in
6:43 pm
carolina. and they are underdogs. >> what? >> 3 1/2 point underdogs. >> wow! that hurts. >> no respect at all. >> huh-uh. >> that may be good for those guys. put that up on the board. >> if that could get them pumped up. >> other news, the punter glen to the practice squad. i know i would screw that up. smith pulled a groin. they also work out the former titans running back henry but he will not be wearing the burgundy and goal any time soon. as for the players on the roster, he might be the most pleasant surprise of the season. he start the year as the back-up. he was elevated into the starting lineup against the buckers in a and he made his presence felt. dowdy all over the place. heed today fletcher.
6:44 pm
it is a remarkable turn-around for dowdy who came back for serious back football to play the best football of his career. >> it is a combination of being comfortable, not only the defense but my confidence and my own abilities. just like in, the health concerns are overfor me. the confidence in my abilities and confidence in the defense. and this was like a breakout area for me coming in. i knew i would be completely healthy and i was running better than i've ever run and lifting. doing stuff tha i didn't even do last year. >> that's right. the skin safety. you know this next stretch should tell us how good the capitals are. six games in 12 days. all against team in the last season. it begins phillies against the flyers. new capital knuble is anxiously awaiting his first game against his former team. mike has been a valuable addition to the capitals. he scored a goal 6-want over
6:45 pm
toronto. helping them improved 2-0. he is so antsy before this morning's skate-around that he arrived 45 minutes early to hang out in his old arena. he spent the previous four game in if i willy, scoring 114 goal. >> it is weird to go down to the other end of the hallway. but you know all the visiting room guys. and i'm sure a lot of the same sights and sounds. it is just stuff that you see. it will be all the stuff that you used to. probably see some familiar faces, giving you some grief and probably some people. thank you for your time. there i think it is a little bit of everything. >> he' been incredible on the ice. he really leads us and now he is one of our captains. so we follow hum. he's been great on the ice. and couldn't ask much more from hum.
6:46 pm
>> mike green on his tale mate. a couple nfl football notes. rush limbaugh in a bid to buy the st. louis ram. eli manning has plantar fasciitis. the lovefest tipped on monday nature football as he led the viking to win over his former team. favre, of course, spent 16 seasons in the packers. not used to seeing him in purple. they decided to let favre go. that guy is aaron rogers. he had a good night. 384 yards and two scores, including this pass to jerry may a findlay who broke away for a 62-i can remember touchdown. the second quarter, vikings now up 14-7. favre gives to it adrian pearson. the best running back, if not the best player in football. stripped by the packers. clay matthews, a rookie from usc rips it away.
6:47 pm
he goes in for a 42-i can't remember touchdown. that ties the game at 14. a quiet night for adrian peterson. they call him a.d. for all day. favre on the punt fake. then a good pass, great catch. favre thank you for 271 yards and three touchdowns. most importantly, no interceptions. the vakings go on to win it. the former teammate saying good game mr. favre. and finally, if shawn ever falters as the redskins kicker, there maybe another pro athlete in the district who can take his spot. and he did you not play for d.c. united. alex ovechkin. he took part with kicking buddies and a couple of other guys. he was the best of the bunch, making two of three from short range. the guy that he was by far the best kicker of the group. he says he sloy but surely becoming a redskins fan and he respects what they do.
6:48 pm
>> really fine, you know? i have to keep high. it was good. it was fun. next tame i'm going to do a little bit locker. >> he said good form. that's the first thing i thought of. they are also kicking with him. they're at about the 15 yard line. then he was the best. what do you expect? >> guys like him, they do everything. that's what you mean by world class. >> he had a hole in one. coming up, the ten foods
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
nouz of thousand of american will get sick from the foods they eat. the food and drug administration should be doing a better job of policing our food and the fda is not arguing. >> leafy green. the type of food we all should be eating. so are egg and tuna. according to a new study, they are also the foods most likely to get us sick. the center for science and the
6:51 pm
public interests studied 17 years of food disease outbreak and reached the troubling conclusion that the food and drug administration needs to be a more aggressive watch dog. >> the bottom line is that we don't want consumers to change their eating habits but we do want the scientists to take note. >> reporter: on the top ten list of rickiest foods monitored by the fda? oysters, potatoes, cheese, ice cream torborg mate owes, sprouts and berries. this doesn't include beef and poultry which have come under new scriny because they are monitored by the department of agriculture. the fda's top food safety expert says this new report underscores the need for changes his agency doesn't have the authority to make rate now. >> we're looking to congress. it would empower the fda to help redisaster these outbreaks. >> reporter: kathleen, whose
6:52 pm
9-year-old daughter was hospitalized after eating spinach conminated by e. coli isn't waiting for the government to take ac. >> we don't eat out as much. we don't keep spinach in the house at all. anything that is green, we cook. we have change. >> reporter: healthy skep six about the foods we eat and whether they are as safe as they should be. beret an moore, nbc news, washington. led get a final check on the weather. >> early this morning, down to 40 degrees at damascus. really nothing on radar. later on, there will be because of a rapid moving weather system. a storm to our north. look at the wind gusts in chicago. tomorrow morning, there will be some fast-moving showers. but it will be pretty much over by the tame you're heading to the bus stop. it will become quite windy with winds gusting to 30, 40 miles an hour. some of it may linger in the
6:53 pm
afternoon but by most of the period, most of the day, it will be windy. we'll tell you more at 11:00. see you then. >> thank you, bob. tonight at 11:00, we're learning more about the flu bug that hit one school very hard. if you've ever thought injure wedding pictures weren't up to par, wait until you see the pictures that caused one couple to sue. robert goulet died two years ago. he had a long career as a singer and actor in theater and tv. a group is choosing to honor him for something other than his contrary. the mustache american of the area award was created last area. it is sponsor by the mustache institute. the award is given annually to
6:54 pm
someone who makes a big ill pack while wearing a mustache. 18 finalisted were announced and theinner is the captain sullenberg here saved the plane in the hudson. the winner will be announced later this month. >> maybe you next year. >> i doubt that very much. >> that's our broadcast for now.
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